Top Trends in Technology

Technology dominates human life like never before and the ongoing pandemic has reinforced that fact like nothing else. It is now a given that technology pervades every aspect of our life, and it is, therefore, no more a question of whether, but how it is going to impact the way that we go about the business of life. As we go into 2022, let us take a peek at the technological trends that will likely have the most impact on the way we do things.


Convergence is something that will leave no section of society untouched. It encompasses everything from AI, cloud computing and big data analytics to IoT, VR, AR, quantum computing, 5G and Wi-Fi6. This amalgam holds enormous potential and will be transformative in nature across industries and people’s lives.

As a matter of fact, the coming year will be largely about the convergence of myriad cutting edge technology trends leading to the emergence of new tools that can leverage the best that best of everything in amazingly innovative ways.

Quantum Computing

We can expect quantum computing to be deployed across sectors on account of its ability to carry out multiple calculations simultaneously. That will accrue tremendous advantages to an organization because of the huge amount of time saved and the timely completion of tasks. Not just that- one can expect quantum computing to aid in the emergence and adoption of ever newer technologies. In fact, the totally value of quantum computing is expected to touch as much as 8.6 billion in 2027.

Quantum computing empowers organizations to extract great value from data obtained from any source, providing critical insights into the most intricate and complicated scenarios. That is why it sees great use in the banking and finance industry, what with its unerring accuracy in managing credit risk as well as the identification of any kind of mal practices.

AI Will Rule the Roost

AI or artificial intelligence is expected to rule the roost in the coming year and beyond. For instance, AI is expected to power smart toilets that can analyze a person’s stool to discover gastrointestinal problems! Moving from the word of voice assistants to provide an edge to robotic process automation AI is all set to revolutionize the way admin, HR, logistics or for that matter a myriad of other functions are going to get performed across multiple industries.


It is now well known that blockchain is about far more than just crypto currency. With no third party oversight or validation of any transaction required and the ingrained security and immutability elements, blockchain technology is being increasingly adopted by an increasingly large number of industries across the board. The realization that blockchain technology is a much better way of managing and implementing their operations is going to ensure its growth at an unprecedented pace in the coming year and beyond.

Cloud Native Platforms

According to information technology research and advisory company Gartner cloud-native technologies that let one access new application architectures that are sturdy and very flexible empower one to be on top of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This is something that is going to find a large number of takers in the time ahead, on account of the fact that cloud native platforms move one away from the old lift-and-shift approach, which was unable to fully leverage the cloud and made maintenance difficult.

Robotic Process Automation

According to the IDC Worldwide Semi-Annual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, the digital transformation market leveraging Robotic Process Automation will likely see a CAGR of 17.1% for the 2019-23 period. The growing adoption of RPA is owing to its ability to empower manpower to focus largely on strategic work rather than repetitive work. It allows organizations to optimally utilize and leverage their resources allowing them to achieve a competitive edge in their line of work.


We are in the middle of the greatest technological revolution ever witnesses by humankind-something that is fundamentally altering the way we live our lives at a pace that is unparalleled in history. As we head into the new year, it is important to make a note of the emerging technologies that our going to majorly impact the way our work and personal lives are going to shape up in the near to medium term future. The best way to benefit from technology is to stay on top of it.

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