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Top 10 IoT Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Top 10 IoT trends for 2021

Despite the distress caused by the pandemic that occurred in 2020 and early 2021, connected devices will keep reinforcing the future of several businesses and sectors are assured that the Internet of Things (IoT) will play a vital role in the future success of their businesses or trades.

Countless trends keep gathering momentum, inducing IoT’s prominence in 2021, ranging from industrial IoT devices to health and safety applications as the pandemic still exists. 

Top 10 IoT Trends in 2021

A more comprehensive choice of connectivity

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Businesses and industries must carefully ponder the use cases they will go with and the connectivity option that properly suits them since 5G won’t be the only option available to them. By 2021, satellite and some low-power networking technologies will increase 2021. 

Emerging IoT Apps

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Apps and use cases of the Internet of Things solutions are increasing rapidly. Currently, its apps are in wearables, industrial settings, smart grids, smart cities, smart homes, etc. The Internet of Things will cut across many industry and business settings because of the rise and development of this technology in the nearest future, thereby making the world more digitized. 

Digital Healthcare 

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The pandemic caused a massive turnaround in the healthcare sector by bringing digital and remote healthcare. For instance, the pandemic increased the use of wearable devices to offer virtual healthcare and for constant checkups. Even after the pandemic, the healthcare sector will continue with the remote monitoring of patients. The latest technologies at the edge like 5G and smart hardware will enable improved data-driven health experiences. 

IoT and Edge Computing

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With the combination of 5G networks, an increase in IoT and IoT devices, and a powerful increase in the amount of data we are gathering, we expect Edge computing to increase significantly. It enables massive savings in bandwidth usage, thus decreasing energy consumption, cost, and carbon footprint. Also, it provides a benefit of privacy and data stewardship and, therefore, can prove to be a significant player in privacy maintenance and assist IoT to advance based on societal needs.

Cybersecurity will stay atop the agenda

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The Coronavirus pandemic caused us to digitize our daily work and leisure activities. Online credentialing systems control everything done online, from food deliveries to important virtual business meetings. This enabled data and systems to stay reliable and secure. Anticipate experiencing an increase in cybersecurity mesh, which pays attention to identity and policy enforcement instead of perimeter defence. You’ll also get to know about which IoT infrastructure players prioritize cybersecurity. 

Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning

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IoT worked with Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to assist in rapidly processing large amounts of data, synthesizing it to offer smart suggestions and decisions. Cloud platforms will decrease the time required for maintenance, installation, commissioning, inspection, design, and reporting of systems.

Businesses will use IoT to improvise corporate real estate needs

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IoT space management assists facilities managers and budget leaders improve the size of the typical workplace and how it is used. Environmental sensors and controls help identify high-value meeting rooms, gather suitable spaces, and enhance returning workers’ safety. With motion sensors, IoT systems can identify low-traffic office areas for reduced real estate expense initiatives.

Smart building technology

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This year, smart building technology will focus more on essential priorities, like employee’s health and safety. In 2020, smart building technologies will be used in scheduling conference halls for meetings, and also used to control smart lights and thermometers for energy efficiency in 2021. But in 2021, the attention will be on employees as they practice social distancing and track-and-trace capabilities to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We hope that several stakeholders and employees will return to their offices somehow, which will be influenced by IoT devices to ensure that people are maintaining social distance.

Artificial Intelligence meets IoT

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Concerning security, attention is shifting towards the holistic enhancement of production procedures. The combination of improved technologies into an Artificial IoT decreases wandering from optimum in the manufacturing procedure and guarantees enhanced performance, low wastage, and low costs. With AI, production processes will keep automatically optimizing with the help of machine learning methods. 

Also, AI-driven analytical solutions can aggregate vast amounts of high-quality data and information, process it in real-time, and highlight effectual insights. The close integration of big data, AI, and smart devices will significantly protect against security dangers. Well, few businesses are using AI Internet of Things, and that will change in 2021.

Focus on security

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The IoT tech market will experience a revamped attention on security as complex safety challenges increase. Highlighting protective measures that are already in place will assist End-to-end IoT solution merchants to increase their sellability.


2021 is a year we all hope will be free from stress, trouble, and uncertainty worldwide. IoT technology will undoubtedly provide practical solutions to different complexities, difficulties, and challenges people constantly working are experiencing.

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