How To Get More Views On YouTube: 16 Tips That Actually Work

How To Get More Views On YouTube: 16 Tips That Actually Work

YouTube is a highly competitive space. Thus, it becomes challenging for
brands and individuals to generate the desired traffic, let alone the likes.
YouTube is the go-to site for video content, so getting desired views cannot
be as difficult as it seems. It might come as no surprise to marketers, but
understanding your end-users is the key to generating more views. Once you
know who they are and what they like, it becomes easy to curate content.
However, when we talk about YouTube videos, there is more to just creating
and uploading a video. If your end goal is to generate maximum views, the
following tips will serve as a good source of guidance.

YouTube is currently the second-most trafficked site, and learning to
leverage this platform can significantly elevate your marketing efforts.
This article will talk about 16 practical tips to get more views on your
YouTube channel.
Let’s get started!

Tips for Getting More Views on YouTube

1. Plan the Storyline

Before you begin producing a YouTube video, it is a good idea to plan what
you want to generate. Create a storyboard for the video that outlines each
scene or component. Have a clear view of the message you want to convey
to your audience through the video. Think about where you want to put the
calls to action in the video. Then, you can use a YouTube video editor to
create an eye-catching video for your audience.

2. Add Descriptive Titles

Having a descriptive and engaging title will help you in Search Engine
Optimization (SEO). You can use relevant keywords that can help YouTube to
filter your content for relevancy. Moreover, descriptive titles attract viewers,
as they are already aware of what your video is about before it starts
playing. You can utilize traditional SEO methods to perform keyword
research, such as a keyword planner or other keyword research tools.

3. Create Engaging Descriptions

By including a description in the video, you can educate the search engines
and your audience about your video. Users will know what to anticipate in
your video, which will improve the click-through rate and, in turn, the views.

4. Add YouTube Tags

YouTube tags are informative and descriptive keywords used so that your
potential viewers can find your content. Moreover, these video tags are
considered as an essential ranking factor for the search algorithms, allowing
YouTube to capture the correct information regarding your video. It includes
thumbnails, title, and description of your YouTube video.
However, you need to ensure that the tags are appropriate and relevant.
Also, avoid overdoing tags if you don’t want your video to get spammed.

5. Create Compelling Transcripts

YouTube transcript is a simple and easy way to create captions. Transcripts
include the text that narrates what your video is about. Moreover, transcripts
are easy to add, and you can add them directly to your video. Furthermore,
transcripts elevate your accessibility factor, so people with hearing difficulty
can also understand the message you want to share through your videos.

6. Add Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

Thumbnails can increase clicks by giving you a chance to pique people’s
interests. Pick a thumbnail that is unique to you and briefly displays what
users can expect from your video. You can add additional thumbnails such as
a relevant image or use a still from your video. All in all, the goal of your
thumbnail should be to provide appropriate sights regarding your video.
Remember not to exaggerate your efforts; thumbnails are the first thing the
viewers will check, and if your content doesn’t meet their expectations, it
might not go well with your reputation.

7. Run Contests

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge? Well, people who are active
social media users sure do! Ice bucket challenge was done throughout the
world. From a teenager to an adult, almost everyone participated. Though it
had severe consequences, it became a viral sensation. This is what your goal
should be with contests and challenges. However, you need to make sure it
is not life-threatening. So come up with exciting and captivating ideas that
the world follows, such as Kiki Challenge.

8. Create Playlists

People will find it increasingly difficult to browse through your channel as you
create more videos. This is why creating playlists is so crucial. Playlists not
only help you manage your channel by categorizing your videos, but they
also appeal to your viewers’ urge to binge-watch.

9. Upload Videos on Various Social Media Channels

Whenever you post a video on YouTube, make sure you cross-promote it on
all of your social media accounts. Then, when visitors find your content

through these networks and are sent to YouTube, the algorithm will boost
your video, thus improving your organic rating.

10. Add a Call to Action

When you consider the immediacy and connection that video content can
create, sometimes just asking for participation is the greatest approach to
get your films seen. A CTA is essential since not everyone who loves your
videos will remember to like them or subscribe to your channel.

11. Try Live Streaming

YouTube has offered the live video feature for years, but it has only recently
started gaining traction. From YouTubers to celebrities, all of them are trying
to use this feature. Live streaming video sessions can generate immense
traffic, as you can connect with people in real-time. Live-streaming is one of
the best strategies for brands, as by going live, they can engage with their
audience, address their issues in real-time, and inform them about a new
product or service launch. You can get a feel of how other companies use the
platform by watching some popular YouTube Live videos.

12. Use Cards and End Screens

It is challenging for YouTubers to bypass the platform’s algorithm, but with
Cards and End Screen, YouTubers can directly influence what the audience
can view next. Cards are interactive sections that appear at any point
throughout the video and can be clicked on. These are critical as they offer
value by prompting your audience to watch more videos from your channel
instead of moving away. As a result, including them is advantageous to
getting more views on your channel.

13. Leverage The Power of Influencers

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming a popular way for significant
businesses to reach out to their target consumers. The influencers already
have a strong following of people who will re-share and publish their
material, which can generate a massive increase in views.

14. Run Paid Ads

Paid ads have always been a way to increase traffic significantly. Whether it
is on social media, SEO, or YouTube, paid ads help meet the target goals.
Moreover, with paid ad campaigns, you can always increase your visibility by
purchasing YouTube advertisements.

15. Improve Search Engine Rankings

If you search for cake recipes on Google, the first thing you will be shown is
YouTube videos. This makes SEO an essential part of your YouTube
marketing to help you get the desired views. Moreover, it provides critical
organic views since the videos can outrank the website where they’re hosted
in the search engines.

16. Remain Consistent

No matter what kind of marketing strategies you follow, consistency is the
most crucial approach to keep in mind. To get noticed or increase your
views, you need to post regularly, and the content should be unique and
entertaining. Remember, to meet your goals, consistency is the key.


Growing an audience doesn’t happen overnight, and the same goes with
increasing YouTube views. Thus, you need to be patient and follow the latest
trends and strategies to mark your presence in this competitive space.
Follow the tips mentioned above for your YouTube channel, and slowly and
steadily, you will see an increased viewership and a surge in the number of

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