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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review

Samsung is one of the few brands that keep selling Android operating system-based tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the one that was recently launched. This new tablet is a trimmed version of the company’s flagship Galaxy Tab S7+. 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is an Android OS-based tablet with access to Google Play Store. Also, the tablet can double up as a laptop due to the integrated Samsung DeX computing platform when paired with the Samsung Book Cover keyboard (that’s sold separately). It comes with a Samsung S Pen that can do more than what a typical stylus does.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Design 

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The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is identical to other premium Android slates, possessing flat edges, a sturdy metal body, and a large display. Our Mystic Black looks quite sophisticated with its deep blue hue. The back is susceptible to smudge but easy to clean.

It’s 6.3mm thick and feels smooth and premium all-round, but most folks might think it’s too thin, mainly since the back is slightly slippery. Fortunately, there’s a sufficient bezel on the front to help with this. 

The webcam is placed at the middle of the top bezel, which is better, especially when the Tab is in landscape mode, and that’s more flawless than what the latest iPad Pros provided with a selfie camera at the side. 

Image Source: Tech Radar

Samsung did an excellent job placing ports and buttons on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE without impeding usability in either orientation. If the tablet is in landscape orientation, the volume rocker and power button will be at the top-left edge, the USB port on the right side, the speakers placed on the sides and the magnetic connector on the bottom. 

If you’re not planning to get the keyboard cover accessory, the S Pen can magnetically attach to the top or bottom of the tablet or beside the camera. But it may not stay stuck in a crowded bag. Its weight (600g) and dimensions make it easy to carry around. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Display

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One of the differences between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE and the Tab S7 or S7+ is the display. The panel type, resolution and refresh rate are mid-ranged, having a 12.4-inch LCD screen running at 60Hz and a 1600 x 2560 resolution. 

The Tab S7 FE’s display shouldn’t displease you unless you’re pixel-peeping or looking for black segments on the screen. The resolution was enough even when multiple apps or web pages are open at once. It is suitable for seeing a 16:10 aspect ratio, making it more beneficial for reading or productivity tasks.

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At 12.4 inches, the display is a beauty to behold. The touch responsiveness, size, colour reproduction, and clarity were better than anything we’ve experienced on a laptop or iPad within this class. Samsung displays rarely disappoint. Symmetrical bezels surround the screen at all sides, which helps handle it better without hampering the viewing experience.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE possesses a 60Hz refresh rate, which of recent it’s something of a disappointment. Samsung did a good job taking this lead over its competitors. There isn’t any HDR certification, so Netflix binging sessions won’t have the ‘pop’ that HDR-supporting slates provide.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Performance

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This is the point where Samsung’s cost-reducing measures start getting obvious. The Tab S7 FE possesses a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G chipset with 4GB or 6GB of RAM. But it’s strong enough for daily tasks and typical multi-tasking, but when we were testing it, we experienced some limitations while gaming.  So, if you plan on playing competitive gaming with your tablet, you’ll be better off with the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.

If you’re used to a high-end smartphone on which apps open rapidly, and multi-tasking is without stress, the Tab S7 FE might feel slightly slow. 

It supports Samsung DeX, a premium feature that enables desktop emulation and a smoother and easier multi-screen operation. It’s a different interface that inspires desktop operating systems, with resizable floating windows, taskbar, and fast shortcuts. Since the limitations of Android as a tablet interface wasn’t much overcome, we had to shift to DeX only when we wanted to have an assortment of apps for an easier workflow during the test.

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The S Pen comes with innovative features like sketching, screen, handwriting recognition, writing annotations, and signatures. During the test, we were able to attend a video meeting on the screen and simultaneously take notes with the stylus on the other part of the screen. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE possesses a USB Type-C card reader and a dedicated microSD card slot if you need it.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE variant available has cellular connectivity through a SIM card, which will be beneficial for folks that work away from Wi-Fi zones. 

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If you do video calls regularly, you’ll love the mics and cameras on this tablet. Both the video and voice quality are incredible on both ends, even without the use of headphones. Also, it possesses an excellent rear camera for scanning occasional documents or capturing visual notes.

We can say that the Tab S7 FE might be suitable for folks that require a laptop replacement than its flagship counterparts due to its bigger screen, improved efficiency, sufficient power (and slight tendency to overheat), and its lower price. Except if your workflow requires intensive CPU or GPU performance, you might be better off with the mid-ranger.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Battery life 

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The Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s battery life is incredible. We had four hours of Netflix sessions at full brightness during the test, which consumed about 50% of the battery. When we used it for browser-based tasks, the tablet lasted for about two days on a single charge.

Even as the tablet’s battery performance was decent, its charging speeds were terrible. This is due to the 15W charger in the box, even though it supports 45W fast charging. It took the charger more than three hours to charge the 10,090mAh battery from 0-100%, which isn’t acceptable and a bit disappointing.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Keyboard

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Samsung is selling a case-cum-keyboard accessory with the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, and it’s called the Book Cover Keyboard, similar to the one for the flagship Tab S7 and S7+, but this one doesn’t have a trackpad. It implies that it’s uncomfortable to use and doesn’t provide a suitable laptop-like experience. So, you’ll have to buy the Samsung’s Book Cover Keyboard for the S7+, which works with the FE model.

Asides, the missing trackpad, it’s a beautiful keyboard. The keys have enough travel and are appropriately spaced to avoid accidental presses. The keyboard has lots of shortcuts, like the one for taking screenshots and the one for switching to DeX mode and back. But, the keyboard costs the same as the Tab S7+’s keyboard cover, so it’s better to buy that one so you can have access to a trackpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE S Pen

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The S Pen, which comes with the tablet. It feels sturdy and automatically charges when it’s magnetically attached to it.

The S Pen works incredibly as you expect it to. With it, you can take notes, convert your written text into typed text, and use it in any place with a text input field. Immediately press the S Pen button; it brings up all your pen-friendly apps and shortcuts. Also, Samsung added a limited-time membership to some premium creative apps like Clip Studio Paint and Canva Pro and some awesome note-taking apps like Samsung Notes and Noteshelf. Also, the S Pen can be used to sketch. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Software and DeX

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Being a tablet, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is an excellent device. But Samsung’s idea for this type of device is for people to get the work they often do on the laptop.

But the issue is that Android isn’t designed for productivity tasks. Besides, Google’s operating system works much better on a smartphone. To overcome Android’s shortcomings, Samsung designed something called DeX. The DeX mode offers a desktop-like environment by transforming the Galaxy Tab S7 FE into a laptop with the assistance of a keyboard and mouse. If the tablet is in DeX mode, you can quickly minimise apps, as you do on a Windows laptop. You will see a taskbar at the bottom.

Samsung did an excellent job making Microsoft’s office suite and its apps modified for this desktop-like mode. 

Also, you need to know that this device isn’t like a Windows laptop or MacBook. So working with specific programmes is more different on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Microsoft Office on the Android tablet is more different from the desktop MS office. External storage support isn’t available on this device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Price and Availability 

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Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available in the UK, US, and India. There are three options available for the Wi-Fi-only version, but they are all available in every market. The one with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage costs £589 /$529 / Rs 46,999, the one with 6GB RAM+128GB model costs £629 /$599 / Rs 50,999). In the US, there’s an option available with 256GB of storage, and it costs $679, and a 5G version of the tablet with 64GB of storage that’s priced at $669.99. 

The S Pen is part of the package, while the Book Cover Keyboard is priced at $159.99 £139 / Rs 14,999, but some bundle deals make it cheaper. All the models are LTE-capable, but Samsung stated that a Wi-Fi-only variant would be available later, which should be cheaper. 


If you require a laptop replacement solution for standard productivity work, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE with the optional keyboard case is the best option you can go for to satisfy most of your needs. It’s not perfect, and you may have to adapt your workflow around Android’s limitations, but it’s still one of the most abundantly featured solutions you can get within this price range.

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