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S Pen vs S Pen Fold vs S Pen Pro: Know the difference

S Pen vs S Pen Fold vs S Pen Pro

Samsung has recently released the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and with its release, there are currently 5 S Pen models available. The 5 styli by Samsung are the Galaxy Note S Pen, the Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S Pen, the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro. 

Let’s compare the S Pen, S Pen Fold and S Pen Pro and understand how they are different from each other. 

S Pen

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In this article, we will discuss two types of S Pen which are: 

Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S Pen has two flat sides, and it’s longer and wider than the Note 20’s pen. The Note 20 pen is somewhat slippery plastic, while the S21 Ultra pen is made of matte plastic. The S21 pen can draw on the screen and use Air Command, where you float your pen slightly above the screen to pop up the menu but can’t serve as a remote shutter. The S21 pen fits perfectly into the side of the optional rubbery case for the phone. Without Bluetooth, this pen doesn’t require charging.

Galaxy Tab S Pen

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Galaxy Tablets have a special S Pen. It has two features that are not on the S21’s pen. It possesses a Bluetooth connection to be used either as a remote shutter or as a remote control. Also, it has charging functions and a magnetic attachment that snaps by the table’s side to charge.  It has a larger size than the S Pen Edition, and it weighs 13.8 grams, but the shortcoming is that Samsung doesn’t have a Galaxy Z Fold 3 case with an S Pen Pro compartment. Let’s have a look at some of its characteristics:

  • large size, comfortable to hold
  • Support 4,096 levels of pressure
  • Supports Air Command and Air Action features.
  • Whenever the pen gets missing, it supports device location through SmartThings.
  • It possesses Bluetooth and a built-in battery.
  • When fully charged, it can be used for about 16 days.
  • Charging is achieved through the USB Type-C port.
  • The pen can be used to switch modes to work with a supported Galaxy S, Note, or Tab and copy content across devices. 
  • It has a length of 173.64 mm, a diameter of 9.5 mm, and weighs 13.8 grams

S Pen Fold Edition

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The S Pen Fold Edition supports about 4,096 levels of pressure. It can do all the essential functions of the S Pen without the stress of charging the battery. It has all the functions of the Air Command. It’s small and lightweight and fits perfectly into the Flip cover with the S Pen case. 

  • Easy to carry anywhere 
  • Fits nicely in the Flip Cover with S Pen case.
  • It fully supports 4,096 levels of pressure.
  • It fully supports the Air Command feature.
  • It can be used with only one model of Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • It has an of Length 132.1 mm, a diameter of 7.7 mm, and weighs 6.3 grams

S Pen Pro

Image Source: Tech Times

The S Pen Pro is capable of doing multiple things and therefore can be referred to as a do-it-all pen. It is longer as well as thicker as compared to other stylus pens from samsung. As stated by a lot of users, the S Pen Pro feels more like a paint brush than a stylus pen. The S Pen Pro can be used with multiple Samsung devices. It consists of a switch that can be used to flip it between the Fold and other-device frequencies. In addition to this, it has Bluetooth and can be operated as a remote and help to control your device from far off. Another exciting feature that the S Pen Pro beholds is the ease by which it can be used to copy and paste items from the screen of one device to another. The bluetooth feature helps it to achieve this. 

Unlike the other S Pens, the S Pen Pro needs to be charged separately. The S Pen Pro comes in a case with a USB-C charging port. According to Samsung, The S Pen pro can go on for 16 days on a 50 min charge. In case your S Pen Pro gets lost, you can find it using Samsung’s SmartThings Find app.

S Pen vs S Pen Fold Edition vs. S Pen Pro: Specs

Image Source: Android Central

S PenS Pen FoldS Pen Pro
FeaturesAir command, Air actions, Live message, Samsung Notes, Text export, Screen off memo, Smart select, Screen writeRetractable tip, Air commandRetractable tip, Air command, Air actions, multi-device pairing, and switching
CompatibilityAll Samsung Galaxy Note devices and tablets with stylusSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 3All S Pen-enabled Samsung devices
Size5.8 × 4.35 × 105.08 mm132.1 x 7.7 x 7.7 mm173.6 x 9.5 x 9.5mm
Weight3.04 g6.7 g13.8 g

Hope the blog helped you understand the difference between the Samsung S Pen, S Pen Fold and S Pen Pro.

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