Best Blogging Platforms of 2021

Best blogging platform in 2021

A blogging platform allows the user to create, organize, and publish written and visual content online in a blog. There are several different companies that offer free or paid services for publishing and hosting a blog. In this blog, we talk about the best blogging platforms of 2021 for newbies as well as professional bloggers.

If you are planning to start your blogging journey, you should know about the different blogging platforms and the features offered by them. Dive into the blog and know about the best blogging platforms of 2021.


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Blogger is that one platform which has been everyone’s favourite for a long time and it still remains the best blogging platform of 2021. More or less every blogger has started their blogging journey on Blogger. This blogging platform is offered by Google which means it offers certain additional advantages than other blogging platforms. For example, if you have a google account, this means you automatically have a blogging account. It also integrates with other Google products like Google Analytics which gives you some important insights  that will help you grow  your website. Moreover, using Blogger you will get a domain name. It also provides you with a custom domain name. Blogger is a very simple, free blogging platform, which is easy to use and the best blogging platform of 2021.


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If we talk about popularity, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. The data suggests that WordPress is used on 41% of blogging websites. WordPress is known for achieving a perfect balance between the ease of use and more advanced features. You get a myriad of themes and several font styles and other custom options. In addition to this, WordPress also offers expert support. Different plans are available for customers. For example the personal plan comes for $4 monthly billed annually. Besides this, a free tier of WordPress is also available but it is suitable for non-commercial blogs as there is WordPress advertising and there is no way you can monetize it.  


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Jekyll has got a new version of itself known as the Jekyll(4.2) which is a simple, blog-aware, and static site generator. Content is created in TXT files and is then placed in folders. The user then builds the website via Liquid language templates. After all this is done, Jekyll merges the content and the template and creates a website that is ready to be uploaded on a server. In addition to this, Jekyll also allows you to host the website for free in GitHub. Jekyll provides users with some advanced features like options for paginating posts, available plugins, excerpt rendering, templates and community maintained themes. Transferring blogs from one platform to another is also easy with Jekyll. One important reason to start using this blogging platform is that it can be used free of cost. However, there are some other reasons which might put off the newbies, like it is not user friendly and requires the knowledge of Ruby. 


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Tumblr is the best blogging platform for shorter forms of content. Tumblr can be referred to as the microblogging platform as it focuses more on shorter content, like an image or just a link. It appears to be a sibling of social media platforms. Content is short which includes pictures, jokes, quips, spotify tracks and videos related to the content. It only resembles social media platforms but also offers similar features. For example it allows you to follow other blogs, republish posts you like to your own blog. You can use Tumblr on your phone. It is very easy to use and costs nothing. The only downfall of using Tumblr is that your content remains in the Tumble ecosystem and there is no option for monetization. 


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Typepad is the best professional blogging platform of 2021. It is a highly developed blogging platform tailored for professional bloggers. It offers some incredible features like its ability to publish from email, a web browser, or mobile. In addition to this, Typepad integrates with Google Analytics and gives information regarding the performance of your website. The Theme Builder supports design customization. It also gives you the option to create your own custom template or modify a theme using custom CSS. You can use it for free for 14 days. The paid plans start from $8.95 per month for upto 4 blogs with unlimited storage. 


We have mentioned the best blogging platforms of 2021 for the newbies as well as professional bloggers. 

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