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AI Trends in 2021: The Future of Infinite Possibilities

How will AI be used in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the term used to depict a machine’s ability to induce human intelligence. Actions such as reasoning, logic, perception, creativity, learning, which were formerly only regarded as special to humans, are now being copied by technology and used in every sector.

The most famous example of AI is chatbots, specifically the “live chat” versions that manage basic customer service requests on company websites. As technology keeps developing, so does our standard for what makes up AI.

Potential For AI

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The future of AI technology is now. For instance, voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home have already become more eminent and valuable in our lives. It will keep improving as they learn more skills and develop their connected device ecosystem.

As AI is making a significant impact on people with the smart home, the e-commerce sector can significantly impact. As the market becomes more populated, personalization is one of the effective ways retailers can differentiate themselves. Besides, based on the Boston Consulting Group’s report, retailers that have implemented machine learning for personalization get a profit of 6-10%, which is on a scale of two to three times faster than retailers who didn’t do it. 

For marketers, AI can increase teams’ creativity and assist companies in making better management decisions by offering new insights and improved data analysis. Irrespective of your sector, AI can be implemented everywhere. And it will transform how you’ll manage your business.

AI Trends For 2021

AI & Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity has been a big deal for a while now. Many companies have made public reports of hackers gaining access to their databases to steal sensitive customers and insider information. 

With the use of AI, algorithms can learn the ways of their original user to decode a pattern of behavior and normalcy. And if any suspicious or unfamiliar behavior is detected, it could either alert you or prevent the intruder from going further. This can be used in a company or at home. 

Smart homes are used to control daily tasks at home with the use of a digital assistant. A trained AI algorithm can be used in homes to prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your home. We have to depend on AI’s assistance to keep hackers away.

AI solutions for IT 

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The rate of AI AI solutions that will be created for IT will surely increase in 2021. Capgemini’s Simion foretold that AI solutions that can personally detect common IT issues and automatically correct any minor malfunction or problems would experience a boost. And it will surely help decrease downtime and enable the teams in a company to concentrate fully on complicated projects.

Hybrid Workforce with AI

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The contemporary workplace is gradually moving to a hybrid workforce, where the human crew will collaboratively work with bots to get their work done faster and efficiently. For a while now, we’ve seen the emergence of digital assistants such as Alexa, VERA, and Siri. This collaboration of human and bot trends will continue to increase in 2021.

Greater Cloud and AI Collaboration

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The director of client innovation at legal services provider Exigent Rico Burnett stated that Artificial intelligence would play an essential role in the wide adoption of Cloud Solutions in 2021. With the implementation of AI, managing and tracking cloud resources and a large amount of available data will be easier and more possible.

AI-Enabled Processors to Improve Performance

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AI-enabled processors or chips will be used to improve all business processes. These AI-infused chips will hasten application process requests such as facial recognition, object detection, etc.

These chips process NLP quickly. Several companies such as  NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm, etc., are developing these AI-infused processors. These chips will enhance user experience and increase the overall performance of all AI applications.

AI with the Internet of Things (IoT)

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AI is a perfect technology, and together with the efficiency of the Internet of Things (IoT), we will obtain an effective solution for business. The combination of these two powerful technologies will produce a remarkable transformation in the automation sector.

Very soon, smart home devices like Smart locks, Google Nest, Smart Plugs, etc., will predict and adequately serve human needs. Currently, the devices work on commands only, but combining it with AI technology, they’ll successfully predict human needs without human intervention. AIoT- infused tools will pave the way for more smart homes in 2021 by offering security and productivity at its peak. 

AI-Infused Chatbots

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For a while now, several companies used AI-powered chatbots. AI chatbots help in offering an enhanced customer service automation. In 2021, these automatic conversational AI chatbots will keep learning and improving to understand and communicate better with the customers.

These chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ML to understand natural commands properly. They offer natural communication by imitating human conversation with users.

The Transformation of Digital Workflow

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations didn’t have many or no organizational tools to provide active, productive, and effective business processes. 

But in 2021, organizations can use tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., to take care of employees and improve customer experience. Automation tools are flourishing due to remote working, and the trend of digital workflow automation will keep enhancing in 2021 and beyond. 

AI and Healthcare 

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The healthcare sector experienced the worst pandemic in 2020. The medical professionals and healthcare workers were stressed out, overwhelmed, and on the verge of being infected by the virus. And this caused patients with other ailments that need emergency services not to receive proper treatment. 

With AI’s help, hospitals can automate specific tasks like diagnosing patients, triage, or evaluating patient’s previous medical records. And this will help reduce the risk of getting infected, give proper treatment to patients who need it the most, etc.

Radiologists and some medical experts have already been implementing AI to assist them in scanning X-rays and MRIs to help detect diseases and other health issues. In 2021 we will find the healthcare sector depending on AI more as accuracy rates increase above what humans can see.


Artificial intelligence is an exceptional technology that plays a significant role in assisting industries, organizations, and businesses in improving and expanding their workflows. With the upcoming innovative trends in 2021, AI will continue to be an inherent part of industries, organizations, and businesses.

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